Sex or Gaming, Which is Better?


We here at Kinkoid do our best to make gaming sexy. It’s a natural combination of two of the best things in life!  But,  

Which is Better?

From the dawn of mankind, we have competed for sex. So let’s take a look at the major issues to put to bed the historic debate between these two ancient pastimes, 

Sex Vs Gaming


Education. Through gaming we live, through gaming we learn. You could even argue we learn to live by playing games. Throwing your rattle over the table, scoring a goal or coding a sequence, we develop and enjoy. With sex we grow as well, but its nowhere near as character building as dealing with loss, struggle and success of gaming. Rewards and addictions are common to both so we can ignore those aspects and give point one to gaming.



Socializing. Sex can be a way of connecting with people, and making new and deep relationships. It can also be something really annoying that you want but can’t seem to get! While it’s a great motivator for people to get out of the house and enjoy life, and is probably the root cause of a ton of human behavior, it isn’t always available to be had. What is always there for you are your games, and the option of switching on your controller, finding friends and having your socializing needs locked down, anytime you please. 



Bromances and the reward for being part of a crew should not be underestimated. Obviously it’s not all hugs and kisses, in fact it rarely is hugs and kisses, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. From co-op, to squadron to mmorpg, there’s no doubt gaming offers us a lot more than just an escape and wins the socializing point. 



FX. Generally speaking sex has the better sound effects but all together, effects wise its a tie. Real life graphics are far superior, but they can often be blurry when drunk or too dark when shy… Also, there’s also no pause and save button.

Frequency. You can’t orgy daily. Even 1:1 sex is not easy to maintain every day. Meanwhile gaming is much more flexible and portable. Take it with you as you travel, while you work, or even when taking a dump. Given its constant availability on tap, gaming takes another point here.




Chemistry. Scientifically speaking there is quite an overlap here. Dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline etc. all fun stuff and released in both. Both are emotional at times, with chases and the victories, excitement and release. The difference is, with sex the hormones we’re talking about come in bigger but fewer shots. Since we can always handle more gaming and top ups, and because 20 shots of beer = 2 glasses of wine… Tie.  

Injuries. Carpal Tunnel, RSI, and many of the conditions associated with a sedentary life are common side effects of gaming. Hardcore gamers can live with these issues for years, some annoying, others more serious. And while the evidence points to sex being healthy overall, we can’t ignore the often fantastic stories of sex related injuries. On the whole while these may leave ER staff with great stories to share, they are mostly temporary, and arguably, still worth it! Point- sex. 




Children. Having them is difficult. Creating them is sometimes easier than you would have liked. Now, if that is what you want to do, may the sun shine brightly on your nappy changing days. But even if you do want kids… How many? Having sex carries this risky side effect, so here it loses another point to gaming. Almost all gaming is free of the risks of pregnancy and safe to do, whether you already have kids, still are a kid, or don’t want any of those noisy things around you.

Cost. On the one hand sex itself is free, and video gaming is not. Top shelf gaming can mean big bucks, and even free or illegal gaming still requires hardware. You could play with pebbles, but the likelihood is that at some point you’re gonna wanna splash out, even if it’s just on some shiny new marbles. On the other hand, sex can literally cost you everything. Sure there’s the dating life, clothes, gifts, dinners, trips, and all those can stack up. Then you have things like hourly rates and tariffs, as we mustn’t ignore the oldest profession. And that’s just the innocent sex.



A level above that there’s alimony to be paid for mistakes made, and you might even need a hush money fund for blackmail. Throughout history the risks of misjudged sexual encounters have cost jobs, fortunes and even lives, so despite sex’s free nature, we have to side with gaming yet again. 



Winner? Lets face it, none of us would be here today were it not for sex. Pound for pounding, the natural imperative will always win in a fight between these two options. But there won’t always be two options, and for many, the option of sex could be much more catastrophic. So for the reasons above, and the simple fact that sex is not always on the table, suck it sex, gaming wins!  


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