Adventure and Villain Battles

Stepping into the Haremverse can be a bit confusing at first. But this article will help you navigate through the fantastic world of horny gorgeous ladies, gentlemen, and adventure. So let’s start from the beginning!


What is the Haremverse and who is the Hero? 

Bunny has invited you to a completely new world – the Haremverse. All the horny girls are just looking for one thing: a Hero to help them satisfy their craziest fantasies

The Haremverse is composed of 17 different Worlds so far:

  1. Begin City
  2. Gems Kingdom
  3. Ninja village
  4. Invaded Kingdom
  5. The Juy Sea
  6. Admittance of the dead
  7. Magic Forest
  8. Hamelin Town
  9. Plain of rituals
  10. Heroes University
  11. Ninja sacred lands
  12. Splatters Archipelago
  13. Digisekai
  14. Stairway to Heaven
  15. Training Dimension
  16. WereSquid Island
  17. The Harem Tournament


Who are the Villains?

In the Haremverse, it’s all about pleasure, sex, and delight. Almost… Some try to capture recruits in order to build the most powerful Harem. Each World mentioned above is bullied by a Villain who is keeping a recruit. During certain events, some of the Villains might even try to keep more recruits to themselves. Travel across the Haremverse, perform against villains, save recruits and invite them to join your Harem!



How can I win against a Villain?

Firstly, to win against a Villain, you’ll have to create the strongest team! Want to know how to create the best team ever? Click here!

Then, you’ll need the best equipment possible. Good equipment will allow you to boost your fight statistics. The different shops offer you Equipment, Boosters, Books and Gifts. Go to the Market and improve your character and strengthen your Harem! Are you ready to do some shopping to win against the Villains? Then read all about the Market.


You will also need Combativity energy. Regularly check your Combativity gauge if you don’t want to be caught off guard!
Want to get it over with your performance as quickly as possible? Perform 10 times at once against a Villain! If your Combativity gauge is empty, don’t worry: it refills with time.
You can also try to win Combativity through the Contests system. And if you’re too excited to wait, you can still refill your gauge thanks to Kobans.


I have the best equipment possible, but I’m losing against this Villain even though I was winning against him before. Why?

The more you perform against a Villain, the more they win levels and get stronger. After a while, the Villain redoubles their efforts. Their physical appearance also evolves because they want to show you who’s the boss. They then reach a new Tier. When you reach the maximum level of a Tier, the following Tier is unlocked.

  • The new girl from the Tier will replace the Alpha girl in the Villain’s team
  • In Tier 2, all the Villains increase by 1 level every 10 wins

Luckily, you can change Tiers! All you have to do is click on the diamond to the left (or the right) of the one that’s glowing yellow. You’ll find further explanations in this article.

In this example, the first diamond is yellow, meaning that Dark Lord is at Tier 1. To change Tiers, click on the blue diamond to the left!


What are the Villain’s Tiers?

  • Dark Lord
    • Tier 1, from level 4 to level 29
    • Tier 2, from level 30 to level 79
    • Tier 3, from level 80
  • Ninja spy
    • Tier 1, from level 16 to level 69
    • Tier 2, from level 70 to level 159
    • Tier 3, from level 150
  • Gruntt
    • Tier 1, from level 26 to level 49
    • Tier 2, from level 50 to level 119
    • Tier 3, from level 120
  • Edwarda
    • Tier 1, from level 36 to level 99
    • Tier 2, from level 100 to level 199
    • Tier 3, from level 200
  • Donatien
    • Tier 1, from level 45 to level 129
    • Tier 2, from level 130 to level 259
    • Tier 3, from level 260
  • Silvanus
    • Tier 1, from level 55 to level 169
    • Tier 2, from level 170 to level 349
    • Tier 3, from level 350
  • Bremen
    • Tier 1, from level 70 to level 209
    • Tier 2, from level 210 to level 409
    • Tier 3, from level 410
  • Finalmecia
    • Tier 1, from level 90 to level 259
    • Tier 2, from level 260 to level 479
    • Tier 3, from level 480
  • Fredy Sih Roko Senseï
    • Tier 1, from level 110 to level 289
    • Tier 2, from level 290 to level 529
    • Tier 3, from level 530
  • Karole
    • Tier 1, from level 130 to level 309
    • Tier 2, from level 310 to level 559
    • Tier 3, from level 560
  • Jackson’s Crew
    • Tier 1, from level 150 to level 349
    • Tier 2, from level 350 to level 614
    • Tier 3, from level 615
  • Pandora Witch
    • Tier 1, from level 250 to level 499
    • Tier 2, from level 500 to level 749
    • Tier 3, from level 750
  • Nike
    • Tier 1, from level 330 to level 550
    • Tier 2 is under construction
    • Tier 3 is under construction
  • Sake
    • Tier 1, from level 350
    • Tier 2 is under construction
    • Tier 3 is under construction
  • WereBunny Police
    • Tier 1, from level 400
    • Tier 2 is under construction
    • Tier 3 is under construction
  • Auga
    • Tier 1, from level 400


Why did this girl disappear on this Villain?

Once a new Tier is unlocked, it will become the default one. By reaching a new Tier, you’ll draw a new girls’ attention to you. If you want to seduce girls from a lower Tier, you have to select the desired Tier.

You can switch Tier as you desire, without restriction. Enjoy!

On which Tier can I get the event girl?

The event girl can be charmed regardless of the Tier you’re playing on. That means that you can win her from the first tier, the second, or the third tier!

If you want to know more about the Events, click here.


What rewards do I win from a Villain?

By winning against a Villain, you will receive rewards: men, tickets, gems, affection shards from captive girls… Before starting a performance, check what you can win in case of success! 

  • In Tier 2, all the Villains give ¥mens as rewards


What is the girls’ drop rate on the Villains?

By winning against a Villain, you can draw captive girls’ attention to you. Show them your value by making them fall in love with you! If you manage to impress them, they will begin to have affection for you. When you’ll collect 100% girls’ affection shards, they will join your Harem!



Tip: If you want to know how much you’ve seduced a girl during your performance and how many shards you still need for her to join your Harem, hover your mouse over the avatar of this girl when the rewards are displayed. You’ll see how much you’ve attracted her! 

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