Legendary Contests: The Prize

Greetings, potent heroes!


We are very excited to invite you to participate in the Legendary Contests and join this brand new event. From the 25th (1pm UTC+2) to the 29th of June (1pm UTC+2) you will be able to shake up your sex routine and win the biggest reward – a gorgeous Legendary girl!


Only those who have been active in the last 72 hours and are above level 20 will be able to compete for her. Besides, players shouldn’t have Contests to collect that are older than 4 days: otherwise, they will be able to join in the Legendary Contests only the day after the one during which they collected the rewards of the previous Contests. Only the heroes who can face the challenges coming their way will have her! Only the strongest dicks will be able to satisfy her tight capricious pussy and give her a big load of cum! 
Filya needs the most potent heroes who can make her cry tears of joy with sperm in her mouth and turn her into dick-riding champion!

Being a powerful witch, Filya is not one of those evil women who are practicing black witchcraft riding on brooms through the nighttime sky. She has a heart of gold, the sweet face of an angel and the sharp mind of a devil. That’s why gorgeous Filya uses her incredible power only for good, always willing to help others by healing their illnesses with her homemade magic potions. The secret ingredient of her enchanted balms is her sweet pussy juice which she squirts in the healing liquid and spreads on all types of wounds. So don’t worry if you get injured in the Enchanted Forest looking for Filya. She knows how to heal you!


But no matter how benevolent Filya is, destiny has not been so good to her! Allergic to sperm, this kinky girl is limited to having only lesbian sex.

An old legend says that one day she will meet the strongest Haremverse heroes who will come to cure her after going through a lot of challenges in order to prove their power. After that her sex life will never be the same and she will become part of their Harems expressing her deep gratitude in 5 quest grades.


are you over 18?