Path of Attraction Event

A new type of event is here! 


During the next five days, you have the unique opportunity to obtain two exceptional new g̶i̶r̶l̶s̶ ladies! Louise (aka Bunny’s mother) and her frenemy Lyka (Lupa’s Mother). Both of them are exclusive to the brand new Path of Attraction event!


How does it work?


The legendary duo has prepared few challenges under the form of in-game objectives you have to complete. After completing a stage you will be rewarded with different prizes. 


Тhe rewards are separated into two types

Free reward

Free reward
Available to everyone, with the final 10th reward granting the loving and caring delicate Louise. Even though Bunny’s mother has a jealous side, she is willing to share with friends.

Louise – Bunny’s mother 

-You are not intimidated by an experienced woman are you, dear? Don’t be, I don’t bite…much.

I hear you are quite popular with young girls…if you are patient I can even teach you a thing or two.

Pass reward

Pass reward
Available to players who purchase the Bonus Pass, doubling the rewards with the final being Lyka (Lupa’s Mother). Strict and demanding she is not afraid to grab an opportunity by the balls. 

Lyka – Lupa’s Mother

-So silly, how young people think they’ve invented sex! We’ve been in this game longer than you can imagine, boy!  Pay attention. Like my dear friend Louise implied, you might actually learn a thing or two. Now let me show you how things were done back in my days… 


You can have all the girls in the Haremverse, but can you get the ladies? 

Surely you are bold enough to accept their challenge. Complete their tasks and they will leave their love marks on you. And your back. Cougars love to mark their territory after all…

are you over 18?