The Hottest Social Media Star Is Challenging You

Congratulations, heroes! 

The girls shared that you (c)lick them so good that they cannot control themselves….You are definitely making the cursed Haremverse a happier place where so many orgasms can already be reached!

After the dark curse called the Mist deprived all the gorgeous ladies of their natural desire and ability to receive sexual pleasure, there is one thing that every girl knows for sure…Nothing and no one can save her but you – the Sexual Healers!

And Mizuki is not an exception! The social media girl cannot sate her appetite for you and your generous members…She wants more!!! 
The bubbliest Haremverse chick is inviting you on HH for more juicy sessions to… fill her hot hole!


But Mizuki has one requirement for that! She will date on HH only the most advanced (c)lickers: those who have proved they really enjoy playing with her sensitive love button!

So, you need to reach or have reached stage 3000 on Hentai Clicker in order to be able to add the social media star to your Harem on HH! 
Also, don’t forget to click on the crosspromo banner you will see on HH so that it will direct you straight to Mizuki!

Last but not least, those of you who play on will be able to get Mizuki on Hentai and respectively, those who play on Hentai Clicker on Nutaku will get her on Harem Heroes on Nutaku. You just need to use the same email address on both games in order to be able to get the girl.


So, how about adding the hottest social media star to your Harem? Sounds tempting?!

Then, GO! Show Mizuki that you’ve got the advanced (c)licking skills she is looking for!   

are you over 18?