Patch Notes

Patch Notes Week #25





World 4 – Yee Haw!

World Quest 8 “Like You Mean It”: 

“You want to tell me you didn’t like it?” 

Check out the latest adventure! 




  • A ‘’Poses and scenes’’ preview buttons is added for Path of Attraction 
  • The class icon on the Hero Page no longer has a pointer cursor (it was misleading, making the icon look like a button)



  • The issue impacting Epic and Mythic Night Clubs sharing the same pool of characters is fixed 
  • The issue of not displaying the Season background when there is no opponent is fixed
  • The visual issue impacting the recruits’ tooltip in Mega events is fixed (When hovering over the recruit in the reward path, it was showing shards undefined/100)
  • An issue affecting the “Change email address” pop-up is fixed
  • [IOS] Resizing issue is fixed 
  • The visual issue of displaying huge skills in battle is fixed
  • The issue preventing from scrolling recruits’ preview in Leagues is fixed
  • The issue displaying many decimals on bonus in Club Upgrades is fixed
  • A filtering issue for hair/eye color in the Harem is fixed
  • “Ends in” timer is no longer missing in the Harem source 

Patch Notes Week #24



Gameplay Survey: Competitions

We are always striving to enhance your gaming experience, and we need your help! We invite you to fill out our Game Play Survey: Competitions. Your feedback will play a crucial role in helping us discover new and exciting ways to improve the competitive aspects of the game.

Your insights are invaluable to us, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.


Mythic Days Shard Pools


As you’ve seen on the last iteration, the shard pools are now different for each day of the event, here’s the repartition :

Total Shards: 108,000

Day 1: +4,860 every 2 hours

Day 2: +2,700 every 2 hours

Day 3: +1,436 every 2 hours

GayPornstar Harem Nutaku

Total Shards: 72,000

Day 1: +3,240 every 2 hours

Day 2: +1,800 every 2 hours

Day 3: +958 every 2 hours

Patch Notes Week #23





World 4 – Yee Haw!

World Quest 7 “Home Visit”: 

“You need to go deeper? That’s how you’re going to estimate the state of my back?” 

Check out the latest adventure! 

The Labyrinth


Dominate in the Labyrinth and win over MrDeepVoice.




  • The Shop icon (Chest) is moved to the lower part of the screen.


Bug fixes

  • The issue affecting the Power sorting in the Harem is fixed 
  • The salary information will now be displayed in the league recruits’ tooltip
  • The issue affecting the Scenes and Poses preview on the Champion recruits is fixed 
  • The issue making the Rewards flicker in the PoV’s milestone box is fixed
  • The issue making the loading slower for Daily goals / Missions and Places of Power is fixed

Patch Notes Week #22




Patch Notes Week #21





World 4 – Yee Haw!

World Quest 6 “Fuck You Right Back Up”: 

“I bet you want to put your dick right into it, no?” 

Check out the latest adventure! 

Autofill Passwords

We would like to inform you of an unforeseen side effect resulting from a change in the domain for authentication. Due to this change, saved passwords may no longer autofill as they did previously.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly ask you to manually enter your passwords when logging in. After your initial manual login, you can save your password again and use the autofill feature as before.

The change will happen on the 23rd of May.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.




  • Guys Roles will be displayed everywhere the stats are visible 


Bug Fixes


  • The issue preventing the “OK popups” to be closed by pressing ESC and ENTER is fixed 
  • [APP IOS] The game will now be displayed with the correct dimensions 
  • The issue with the guy reward tooltip showing ”undefined/100” in Seasons is fixed
  • The issue showing a console error when clicking on a Sultry Mysteries’ coin is fixed 

Patch Notes Week #20




A fourth Champion is now available to compete against – show off your mighty Harem against Max Konnor and get the sexy Trophy Boy Skyy Knox.

Trophy Boy Skyy Knox


Epic Night-Club

Zak Bishop

Des Irez

Nightclub Jessie Lee


Bug Fix


The issue with mojo and 10x spending in Seasons is resolved.


Payment Provider Migration


We would like to inform you that we are currently undergoing a migration process with one of our payment providers. As a result, you may encounter some temporary issues related to payments and saved payment information. We assure you that this is a normal part of the migration process.

To ensure the smooth processing of your payments, we kindly request that you fill out the payment form again to validate your payment information, if you encounter an error message. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Patch Notes Week #19





World 4 – Yee Haw!

World Quest 5 “Dirty Nurse”: 

“I must say, I wasn’t expecting this type of examination but I won’t complain.” 

Check out the latest adventure! 

Content Survey Results


We’re thrilled to share the results of our recent Content Survey with you all! Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we appreciate the time you took to participate. Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve learned:

Daily Engagement: An overwhelming 85.2% of our community plays the game every single day! Your dedication is truly inspiring, and we’re grateful for your continued support. 

Favorite Events: Classic events and Seasons steal the spotlight as your top favorites, followed by Legendary Contests. Thank you for embracing these exciting experiences with enthusiasm!

Least Liked Event: It’s important to note that Mythic Days didn’t quite hit the mark for you. Your feedback helps us refine and improve our events for future enjoyment.

Favorite Worlds: We’ve heard you loud and clear! Your favorite words are World #2 “Spotlight” and World #4 “Yee Haw!”. 

Body types/kinks: 81,2% of you love jocks and 65,1% want to see more daddies. 54,4% of you are into roleplay/cosplay.

Your insights drive the direction of our game’s development, and we’re committed to delivering content that resonates with you. Stay tuned as we work to incorporate your preferences and suggestions.

Thank you for being a vital part of our community, and here’s to many more adventures together in Gay Pornstar Harem!



  • The dimension of cards for the Husbando is fixed
  • Borders are added to the characters cards in the Labyrinth
  • Recruits and scenes preview in more places (Seasons, Path of Virile, Mega Events, Champions, Places of Power)


Bug fixes

  • The visual issue impacting the Season panel is fixed 
  • An issue preventing the display of character in the villain reward pool is fixed 
  • The progression bar in Double Penetration event is fixed
  • The issue impacting the Blessings in Nutaku is fixed
  • A visual issue impacting the position of the Waifu in the menu is fixed

Patch Notes Week #18


Content Survey

We deeply value your insights and feedback and we want to invite you to fill out this Content Survey!

This survey is your chance to wield your influence and to tell us what you like and don’t like so we can better the game for you!

Thank you for being an integral part of our community!




  • Now you can use Paypal to purchase a Season Pass.

Patch Notes Week #17





World 4 – Yee Haw!

World Quest 4 “Yee Haw!”: 

“Oh, you really are the boss of fucking here. Bending me over at my first step through the door.” 

Check out the latest adventure! 




The Characters will now have roles. The Roles are in addition to the classes. Roles will give a special bonus or perk, or effect. No change in existing stats. Roles bonuses are multiplicative with Relics bonuses, and Relics bonuses are applied after the Roles bonuses. Recruits from any Role will still use their skills in different PvP systems as normal. We are working on extra blessings on roles that will affect only the Labyrinth and not the whole PvP.

The first 4 roles are:

Fluffer | Healer

Heal the Ego of the lowest % Ego recruit in the team instead of damaging the opponent’s Ego, having the chance to Critically heal instead of Critical hit.

If all recruits in the team are at max Ego; or the Healer is the last one in the team; the Healer does a regular attack instead of healing.

Sexomancer | Necromancer

Role Perk: Replacement

Trigger skill (overriding the regular): Recover a random tired recruit from the team with Ego equal to the current Necromancer Ego. Do not trigger the skill at all, if there are no tired recruits in the team

Display a text “Recovering a teammate” when triggered

Pleasurelock | Warlock

When Crit – adds half of the damage dealt by the opponent in the previous attack to her own damage.

Dominator | Ranger

Rangers get 5% more damage.

Roles will be assigned to:

  • All starting characters
  • Any character released in January 2024 or later will have a Role assigned
  • Any Revived character after the Roles feature release will have a Role assigned
  • Other characters (super old, not traditionally revived in a particular place, or any other special case) – we are keeping the right to assign them Roles in batches gradually over time 




  • Seasons Matchmaking and Mojo adjustment

Seasons Matchmaking: The lower threshold for level is increased, the higher threshold is decreased, so players will see more lower level opponents across the board (~5% lower). When below 7300 Mojo, Max Mojo to lose on a loss: -10 Mojo


Bug fixes


  • [Nutaku] A visual issue affecting the scene preview is fixed.
  • A missing timer in the Classic Days window is fixed 
  • [Mobile] The error message showing when changing the team for the Champions is fixed 
    • The issue was happening when rearranging the team with drag and drop, before challenging a champion or club champion
  • An issue affecting the players’ leaderboard in Mega Events has been fixed 
    • The players without progression in the events are supposed to see a message that they have to earn some points to participate in the ranking.
  • A visual issue showing attacks as dodged instead of blocked in the Labyrinth is fixed 
  • A visual issue affecting the contests’ reward pop-up is fixed

Patch Notes Week #16



There is no new release this week.

Patch Notes Week #15





World 4 – Yee Haw!

World Quest 3 “On My Way”: 

“Well, well, if it isn’t our new country boy! Rumor has it you suck dick like a pro.” 

Check out the latest adventure! 



We invite you to a short Q&A on HH’s Discord this Friday (April 12th).

The Q&A will be in English and all questions are welcome. You can leave your questions in advance – HERE. 



  • A confirmation popup when selecting difficulties in Labyrinth is added.



  • A fade effect when upgrading a recruit’s pose 
  • The sell button is disabled when the slot is empty in the market 
  • [Labyrinth] Size optimization for the background on Mobile is added


Bug fixes

  • The issue affecting the skill upgrade button is fixed 
  • The issue affecting the sorting options in the leagues is fixed
  • The issue affecting the recruits’ shadows and timers in the Harem has been fixed
  • [Nutaku] The issue showing values that are not rounded is fixed
  • The issue with the Buy button, when a Monthly Card expires, is fixed 
  • The issue breaking the page when clicking on a recruit variant is fixed
  • The misalignment in recruits’ battle in the Labyrinth is fixed 
  • Better handling of PoA when accessing from different devices 
  • The horizontal scrollbar in the Koban/Gold Packs tab of the shop is removed
  • The issue preventing from clicking on the back button in a Grade scene is fixed 
  • The issue affecting the last skill’s button of a guy is fixed 
  • The issue of making the character overlap with the text in the refill worship pop-up is fixed
  • The issue with the scrollbar in Firefox is fixed 
  • The issue making the breadcrumbs unclickable in full screen for QV2 is fixed
  • The visual issue showing items overlapping with text in the max level up pop up is fixed
  • [Mobile] improvement of the Waifu menu
  • The issue showing green ticks on the Labyrinth recruit’s scenes preview is fixed 
  • The visual issue was fixed on the sex friends page 
  • The issue displaying wrong values in the Labyrinth tooltip is fixed 
  • The issue of hiding PoV recruits when switching tabs is fixed 
  • The issue of hiding the Diamonds for pose selection when selecting recruits on Safari is fixed

Patch Notes Week #14



The Love Labyrinth will be live on April 4th!

The Love Labyrinth is a PvE feature where you will be performing against many opponents trying to find the most optimal way to victory. Do it properly and you will be able to gain enough Laby Coins to rescue an exclusive recruit.

Come and learn more about Labyrinth on this blog article.



A third Champion is now available to compete against – show off your mighty Harem against Chris White and get the sexy Trophy Boy Grant Ducati

Trophy Boy Grant Ducati


Age verification system


As part of our commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for all our community members, we are announcing the upcoming implementation of age verification systems (AVS) for our games.

Under the new legislation in France, we must enforce age verification measures to comply with legal requirements. As a result, French players will be the first to experience these changes.

We assure you that these age verification solutions are necessary and designed with your privacy in mind. We understand the importance of keeping your personal information secure and anonymous. Rest assured that our AVS solutions are free for players and prioritize your privacy above all else.

To ensure effectiveness and accessibility, we are collaborating closely with industry leaders like Nutaku and Tukif to explore various verification systems. We aim to propose solutions that are seamless, reliable, and convenient for you.

We don’t have a defined timeline for when the implementations of AVS will happen, but rest assured it will eventually.

Patch Notes Week #13





World 4 – Yee Haw!

World Quest 2 “Fresh Air”: 

“Is this your purpose? To fuck me in every corner of the world? Ranches, castles…” 

Check out the latest adventure! 


Features is a cryptocurrency payment gateway, and there are several benefits from using it:

Greater Payment Flexibility:

You can use your cryptocurrency holdings to make in-game purchases, providing an additional payment option beyond traditional methods.

Enhanced Security and Privacy:

Cryptocurrency transactions offer increased privacy and security compared to traditional payment methods, protecting your financial information and personal data.

Global Accessibility:

Cryptocurrencies can be used by players worldwide, regardless of geographic location or currency restrictions, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all players.




  • Updated visuals for various boosters and gift items
  • From April Legendary Contest will have a new schedule
    • Day 1 : Champions, Energy and Vilains
    • Day 2 : Harem and Market
    • Day 3 : Night Club and $$$
    • Day 4 : Experience, Season and secondary Contest
  • Sultry Mysteries won’t include recruits from permanent features anymore, only from events 


Bug fixes


  • The character cards no longer overlaps with the text in Seasons 
  • The infinite loading in the hero personalization Backgrounds is fixed 
  • The visual issue happening when spam clicking on an active tab in the shop V2 is fixed 
  • The issue disabling the Grade 0 animation of a recruit when switching grades is fixed 
  • The visual issue when scrolling in Harem is fixed 
  • “Ends in” is no longer duplicated in the Season window 
  • The visual issue displaying the hero twice in the Seasons leaderboard is fixed
  • The element tooltip shows the correct text in the team selection menu
  • The issue of the game being cut off at the bottom on Nutaku is fixed
  • A small visual issue has been corrected in the team edition Menu (another container was visible behind the recruits’ selection container)
  • The scrolling issue when selecting a recruit variant in the Harem is fixed
  • The visual issue displaying a “Go Back” button behind the logo when playing a quest on Mobile is fixed
  • The visual issue with the opponents’ rewards in the Season is fixed 
  • The visual issue with the contest timer when claiming past contest rewards is fixed
  • The visual issue not updating the value of the Mega event currency when switching tabs is fixed 

N.B. We are releasing a webpack that will most likely slightly improve some of the game’s performance but might also break the scripts used by some of the players.

Patch Notes Week #12



There is no new release this week.

Patch Notes Week #11





World 3 – Boys Are Bad

World Quest 8 “Start of an Era”: 

“Now, now, I know can’t wait for my cock but you need to behave. Beg me for it!” 


New World 4: Yee Haw!


World 4 – Yee Haw!

World Quest 1 “Dream a Little Dre-AAAH!”: 

“Or why not ride it?! Ride it till you cum all over my body!” 

Check out the latest adventure! 



  • Remove nicescroll from the game – This should be barely visible change (except on Firefox which has now a solid color scrollbar)
  • Improvement of the tooltip behavior on Mobile
  • Daily contests will be updated


Bug fixes:

  • The visual issue making the Character’s card hide some text in Seasons is fixed 
  • A visual issue impacting the Season window is fixed – Opening and closing the “get season pass” multiple times moved up the recruits in the widget
  • The visual issue showing the Club icons misaligned is fixed
  • The scrolling issue in the Pose preview window is fixed
  • The issue making displaying only the second hair/eye color in the Harem Bio is fixed 
  • A visual issue impacting the Top Ranking of the Mega event leaderboard is fixed 
  • Top ranking rewards icons overlapped with the current user ranking field
  • The visual issue impacting the Max Grade level up window is fixed 
  • [Leagues] The issue Boosting an opponent’s stats after the expiration of a booster is fixed 

Patch Notes Week #10




The second Champion is Trophy Boy Austin Avery.

Trophy Boy Austin Avery



We’ve got some news to share regarding the game. We’ve decided to introduce ads in a few spots within the game. We want to assure you that this decision was made to ensure the game remains free to play for all, without increasing in-game prices.

By incorporating ads, we’re able to generate additional revenue that will be reinvested back into the game.

We understand ads might not be the most exciting addition, but they’re necessary for the game’s sustainability. We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to make the game even better for everyone.

The ads won’t be visible to players with Monthly cards, and the ads are only on .com, not on Nutaku.

Thank you for being part of our community!


There will be no downtime for the release this week.


Patch Notes Week #9



The release is moved to 29th of February.


  • There will be limited releases of avatars and they will be half prices
  • Some of the avatars will be slightly improved
  • Daily Missions will be reworked/updated

Bug fixes:

  • When filters are changed in the harem, select the first guy from the new selection.
  • The issue preventing the Mega event currency from being displayed in the text “get from” is now visible in the event tab
  • The issue resetting the timer on 15 minutes on the champion page is fixed 
  • In the Hero Levels Rewards tab, all rewards are now aligned with the Claim button 
  • The issue preventing from checking the poses of a recruits’ variation is fixed.

Patch Notes Week #8



Bug fixes:

  • The visual issue showing the “Go Back” button behind the girl avatar in the Harem is fixed 
  • The issue preventing the “reset filter” button from resetting the pose filter is fixed 
  • Editing teams from the Harem page will no longer redirect to the homepage

Patch Notes Week #7





World 3 – Boys Are Bad

World Quest 7 “Golden Boy”: 

“I don’t know about your resolve, but your cock is still growing in my mouth, impressive!” 

Check out the latest adventure! 


Bug fixes:

  • The issue preventing from clicking on the “continue adventure” button is fixed
  • Harem: The visual issue that makes the shards tooltip visible in the Harem filer buttons is fixed 
  • Harem: The issue disabling the max level-up button after using the one-grade-up button is fixed 
  • The issue preventing team creation with less than 7 recruits is fixed 
  • The issue that used Kobans/Gold instead of orbs in the Pachinko in some specific cases has been fixed 


Bugs, included in the survey, that are fixed thus far:

  • Harem: koban/gold spending alert not triggering for upgrade affection with koban/gold or collect all with koban/gold
  • Harem: filter for shard count breaks if applied second, all other filters are ignored then
  • Harem: “How to get me” feature broken for upcoming revivals
  • Harem: mobile view Skill tab shows empty
  • Harem: showing future/test recruits without picture

Patch Notes Week #6



Q&A with Rosso


The founder and creator of all the Harem games – Rosso is taking the hot seat to answer all your burning questions about the game in English!

Join us on the 9th of February at 5:30 pm UTC+2 on Comix Harem’s Discord! The first topic will be Comix Harem, but we will answer also questions for all the games and future projects! You can leave your questions on GPSH’s Discord.


Bug Fixes Survey


Thank you all for the feedback! 

Fixing the bugs will be our top priority for the next weeks/months. 

The Gay Pornstar Harem mobile app is now available in the Nutaku app store.

Patch Notes Week #5





World 3 – Boys Are Bad

World Quest 6 “It’s All Fun and Games”: 

“Hehe, sure, I’m on my knees, but if I wasn’t how could I suck your gorgeous cock?” 

Check out the latest adventure! 


Event Calendar for February 


Bug fixes:

  • The missing rewards are added: 
  • Daily Goals – chest #4 – the Equip Orbs reward
  • Daily missions – the third reward (Yemen & Scrolls)
  • Monthly Card – Equip Orbs 
  • Seasons – Tier 20 pass: Tickets reward increased to 26; Tier 39 & 63: Legendary & Mythic Equipment
  • The issue with the max out button not accounting for the current affection of a recruit is fixed
  • The objective issue with the max grade is fixed
  • The full-screen option has been added back to .com games (we are working on the Nutaku versions)
  • The visual issue displaying the PoV characters in an affection grade pose is fixed 
  • The visual issue of not updating the count of Guys shards in the PoV is fixed
  • The visual issue making the guys overlap the bottom of the Lusty Race window is fixed 
  • The fav icon is now fixed


Bug Fixes Survey

The Kinkoid team is tirelessly working on bettering our games and fixing the known issues. To make sure we are not missing anything, and we are prioritizing right we need your help! Please fill out this survey!

Patch Notes Week 4



Due to unforeseen reasons, the weekly update will be a little bit late.




  • Improved visualization of the characters in the Path of Attraction window 
  • Harem loading optimization 
  • The upgrade and level-up of guys is sped up so you can upgrade more and quicker
  • 17 guys will be added to the Mythic Night-Club pool:

– Cristian Torquato

– Tazz

– Alan

– Jack Spade

– Billy Long

– Sky Knox

– Kane Fox

– Roman Todd

– James Fox

– Kyle Fletcher

– Dr. Cade Maddox

– Dillon Diaz

– Shae Reynolds

– Jake Waters

– Max Lorde

– Coach Cole Connor

– Eric Charming


Bug fixes:


  • The issue making the shop and the game break because of animations for IOS users is fixed 
  • The bug making the Restock market price cheaper than it should be with the Platinum/Diamond monthly card is fixed (the price was 18 Kobans instead of 21) 
  • The visual issue cropping the Guys Variants box in the Harem is now fixed  
  • The visual issue hiding the “Show poses and Scenes” in the event window is now fixed 
  • The visual issue impacting the Champions timer is fixed  
  • The issue impacting the skills calculation in multi-fights is fixed  
  • The visual issue displaying to pages in the event info button of Sultry Mysteries and Boss Bangs is now fixed  
  • The color of the objective window in the Double Penetration event is fixed  
  • The visual issue displaying two buttons for level up in the affection page is fixed  

are you over 18?