Patch Notes

Patch Notes Week #8



Bug fixes:

  • The visual issue showing the “Go Back” button behind the girl avatar in the Harem is fixed 
  • The issue preventing the “reset filter” button from resetting the pose filter is fixed 
  • Editing teams from the Harem page will no longer redirect to the homepage

Patch Notes Week #7





World 3 – Boys Are Bad

World Quest 7 “Golden Boy”: 

“I don’t know about your resolve, but your cock is still growing in my mouth, impressive!” 

Check out the latest adventure! 


Bug fixes:

  • The issue preventing from clicking on the “continue adventure” button is fixed
  • Harem: The visual issue that makes the shards tooltip visible in the Harem filer buttons is fixed 
  • Harem: The issue disabling the max level-up button after using the one-grade-up button is fixed 
  • The issue preventing team creation with less than 7 recruits is fixed 
  • The issue that used Kobans/Gold instead of orbs in the Pachinko in some specific cases has been fixed 


Bugs, included in the survey, that are fixed thus far:

  • Harem: koban/gold spending alert not triggering for upgrade affection with koban/gold or collect all with koban/gold
  • Harem: filter for shard count breaks if applied second, all other filters are ignored then
  • Harem: “How to get me” feature broken for upcoming revivals
  • Harem: mobile view Skill tab shows empty
  • Harem: showing future/test recruits without picture

Patch Notes Week #6



Q&A with Rosso


The founder and creator of all the Harem games – Rosso is taking the hot seat to answer all your burning questions about the game in English!

Join us on the 9th of February at 5:30 pm UTC+2 on Comix Harem’s Discord! The first topic will be Comix Harem, but we will answer also questions for all the games and future projects! You can leave your questions on GPSH’s Discord.


Bug Fixes Survey


Thank you all for the feedback! 

Fixing the bugs will be our top priority for the next weeks/months. 

The Gay Pornstar Harem mobile app is now available in the Nutaku app store.

Patch Notes Week #5





World 3 – Boys Are Bad

World Quest 6 “It’s All Fun and Games”: 

“Hehe, sure, I’m on my knees, but if I wasn’t how could I suck your gorgeous cock?” 

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Event Calendar for February 


Bug fixes:

  • The missing rewards are added: 
  • Daily Goals – chest #4 – the Equip Orbs reward
  • Daily missions – the third reward (Yemen & Scrolls)
  • Monthly Card – Equip Orbs 
  • Seasons – Tier 20 pass: Tickets reward increased to 26; Tier 39 & 63: Legendary & Mythic Equipment
  • The issue with the max out button not accounting for the current affection of a recruit is fixed
  • The objective issue with the max grade is fixed
  • The full-screen option has been added back to .com games (we are working on the Nutaku versions)
  • The visual issue displaying the PoV characters in an affection grade pose is fixed 
  • The visual issue of not updating the count of Guys shards in the PoV is fixed
  • The visual issue making the guys overlap the bottom of the Lusty Race window is fixed 
  • The fav icon is now fixed


Bug Fixes Survey

The Kinkoid team is tirelessly working on bettering our games and fixing the known issues. To make sure we are not missing anything, and we are prioritizing right we need your help! Please fill out this survey!

Patch Notes Week 4



Due to unforeseen reasons, the weekly update will be a little bit late.




  • Improved visualization of the characters in the Path of Attraction window 
  • Harem loading optimization 
  • The upgrade and level-up of guys is sped up so you can upgrade more and quicker
  • 17 guys will be added to the Mythic Night-Club pool:

– Cristian Torquato

– Tazz

– Alan

– Jack Spade

– Billy Long

– Sky Knox

– Kane Fox

– Roman Todd

– James Fox

– Kyle Fletcher

– Dr. Cade Maddox

– Dillon Diaz

– Shae Reynolds

– Jake Waters

– Max Lorde

– Coach Cole Connor

– Eric Charming


Bug fixes:


  • The issue making the shop and the game break because of animations for IOS users is fixed 
  • The bug making the Restock market price cheaper than it should be with the Platinum/Diamond monthly card is fixed (the price was 18 Kobans instead of 21) 
  • The visual issue cropping the Guys Variants box in the Harem is now fixed  
  • The visual issue hiding the “Show poses and Scenes” in the event window is now fixed 
  • The visual issue impacting the Champions timer is fixed  
  • The issue impacting the skills calculation in multi-fights is fixed  
  • The visual issue displaying to pages in the event info button of Sultry Mysteries and Boss Bangs is now fixed  
  • The color of the objective window in the Double Penetration event is fixed  
  • The visual issue displaying two buttons for level up in the affection page is fixed  

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