Patch Notes TransPornStar Harem

Patch Notes Week #20



Epic Night-club

Nightclub Wine




Bug Fix


The issue with mojo and 10x spending in Seasons is resolved.


Payment Provider Migration


We would like to inform you that we are currently undergoing a migration process with one of our payment providers. As a result, you may encounter some temporary issues related to payments and saved payment information. We assure you that this is a normal part of the migration process.

To ensure the smooth processing of your payments, we kindly request that you fill out the payment form again to validate your payment information, if you encounter an error message. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Patch Notes Week #19





World 8 – UK, Hun?

World Quest 2 “Cum With Me if You Can”: 

“Wait till you see his dick. He’ll do amazing at this audition.” 

Check out the latest adventure! 



  • The dimension of cards for the Waifu is fixed
  • Borders are added to the character cards in the Labyrinth
  • Poses and scenes preview in more places (Seasons, Path of Virile, Mega Events, Champions, Places of Power)


Bug fixes

  • Adding missing timer for Double Date/Night Club event 
  • The visual issue impacting the Season panel is fixed 
  • The issue preventing clocking on the info button in SM is fixed
  • An issue preventing the display of character in the villain reward pool is fixed 
  • The progression bar in Double Penetration event is fixed
  • The issue impacting the Blessings in Nutaku is fixed
  • A visual issue impacting the position of the Waifu in the menu is fixed

Patch Notes Week #18




Content Survey Results


We’re thrilled to share the results of our recent Content Survey with you all! Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we appreciate the time you took to participate. Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve learned:

Daily Engagement: An overwhelming 84.5% of our community plays the game every single day! Your dedication is truly inspiring, and we’re grateful for your continued support. ❤️‍🔥

Favorite Events: Mega events and Seasons steal the spotlight as your top favorites, with 14.5% and 13.4% of the vote respectively. Thank you for embracing these exciting experiences with enthusiasm!

Least Liked Event: It’s important to note that Mythic Days didn’t quite hit the mark for 22.7% of you. Your feedback helps us refine and improve our events for future enjoyment.

Character Preferences: We’ve heard you loud and clear! A significant 30.2% of players express their fondness for post-op girls and desire to see more of them in the game. Additionally, a notable 44.2% are enthusiastic about 3D Futanari characters and eagerly anticipate their inclusion in the game.

Your insights drive the direction of our game’s development, and we’re committed to delivering content that resonates with you. Stay tuned as we work to incorporate your preferences and suggestions.

Thank you for being a vital part of our community, and here’s to many more adventures together in the world of Trans Pornstar Harem!



  • Now you can use Paypal to purchase a Season Pass.

Patch Notes Week #17





World 7 – Camp Cock

World Quest 11 “From the Top”: 

“Oh, wow! You’re sooo good with that tongue, can’t you stay a bit longer?” 


New World 8 – UK, Hun?


World 8 – UK, Hun?

World Quest 1 “Take Me to the UK”: 

“Here we go again… Seeing a nice ass and legs spread wide and you forget we have to REST.” 

Check out the latest adventure! 


Content Survey

We are constantly trying to better the game and your opinion matters!

Please tell us what you want to see in the game by filling out this survey. 




The Characters will now have roles. The Roles are in addition to the classes. Roles will give a special bonus or perk, or effect. No change in existing stats. Roles bonuses are multiplicative with Relics bonuses, and Relics bonuses are applied after the Roles bonuses. Recruits from any Role will still use their skills in different PvP systems as normal. We are working on extra blessings on roles that will affect only the Labyrinth and not the whole PvP.

The first 4 roles are:

Fluffer | Healer

Heal the Ego of the lowest % Ego recruit in the team instead of damaging the opponent’s Ego, having the chance to Critically heal instead of Critical hit.

If all recruits in the team are at max Ego; or the Healer is the last one in the team; the Healer does a regular attack instead of healing.

Sexomancer | Necromancer

Role Perk: Replacement

Trigger skill (overriding the regular): Recover a random tired recruit from the team with Ego equal to the current Necromancer Ego. Do not trigger the skill at all, if there are no tired recruits in the team

Display a text “Recovering a teammate” when triggered

Pleasurelock | Warlock

When Crit – adds half of the damage dealt by the opponent in the previous attack to her own damage.

Dominator | Ranger

Rangers get 5% more damage.

Roles will be assigned to:

  • All starting characters
  • Any character released in January 2024 or later will have a Role assigned
  • Any Revived character after the Roles feature release will have a Role assigned
  • Other characters (super old, not traditionally revived in a particular place, or any other special case) – we are keeping the right to assign them Roles in batches gradually over time 




  • Seasons Matchmaking and Mojo adjustment

Seasons Matchmaking: The lower threshold for level is increased, the higher threshold is decreased, so players will see more lower level opponents across the board (~5% lower). When below 7300 Mojo, Max Mojo to lose on a loss: -10 Mojo


Bug fixes


  • [Nutaku] A visual issue affecting the scene preview is fixed.
  • A missing timer in the Classic Days window is fixed 
  • [Mobile] The error message showing when changing the team for the Champions is fixed 
    • The issue was happening when rearranging the team with drag and drop, before challenging a champion or club champion
  • An issue affecting the players’ leaderboard in Mega Events has been fixed 
    • The players without progression in the events are supposed to see a message that they have to earn some points to participate in the ranking.
  • A visual issue showing attacks as dodged instead of blocked in the Labyrinth is fixed 
  • A visual issue affecting the contests’ reward pop-up is fixed

Patch Notes Week #16




A third Champion is now available to compete against – show off your mighty Harem against Zariah Aura and get the sexy Lusty Patrice Hepburn.

Lusty Patrice Hepburn

Patch Notes Week #15





World 7 – Camp Cock

World Quest 10 “Get the Final Girl”: 

“Damn, you’re so perfect, I can’t wait to get inside of you and get what’s mine.” 

Check out the latest adventure! 



We invite you to a short Q&A on HH’s Discord this Friday (April 12th).

The Q&A will be in English and all questions are welcome. You can leave your questions in advance – HERE. 



  • A confirmation popup when selecting difficulties in Labyrinth is added.



  • A fade effect when upgrading a recruit’s pose 
  • The sell button is disabled when the slot is empty in the market 
  • [Labyrinth] Size optimization for the background on Mobile is added


Bug fixes

  • The issue affecting the skill upgrade button is fixed 
  • The issue affecting the sorting options in the leagues is fixed
  • The issue affecting the recruits’ shadows and timers in the Harem has been fixed
  • [Nutaku] The issue showing values that are not rounded is fixed
  • The issue with the Buy button, when a Monthly Card expires, is fixed 
  • The issue breaking the page when clicking on a recruit variant is fixed
  • The misalignment in recruits’ battle in the Labyrinth is fixed 
  • Better handling of PoA when accessing from different devices 
  • The horizontal scrollbar in the Koban/gold Packs tab of the shop is removed
  • The issue preventing from clicking on the back button in a Grade scene is fixed 
  • The issue affecting the last skill’s button of a girl is fixed 
  • The issue of making the character overlap with the text in the refill worship pop-up is fixed
  • The issue with the scrollbar in Firefox is fixed 
  • The issue making the breadcrumbs unclickable in full screen for QV2 is fixed
  • The visual issue showing items overlapping with text in the max level up pop up is fixed
  • [Mobile] improvement of the Waifu menu
  • The issue showing green ticks on the Labyrinth recruit’s scenes preview is fixed 
  • The visual issue was fixed on the sex friends page 
  • The issue displaying wrong values in the Labyrinth tooltip is fixed 
  • The issue of hiding PoV recruits when switching tabs is fixed 
  • The issue of hiding the Diamonds for pose selection when selecting recruits on Safari is fixed

Patch Notes Week #14




The Love Labyrinth will be live on April 4th!


The Love Labyrinth is a PvE feature where you will be performing against many opponents trying to find the most optimal way to victory. Do it properly and you will be able to gain enough Laby Coins to rescue an exclusive recruit.

Come and learn more about Labyrinth on this blog article.


Age verification system


As part of our commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for all our community members, we are announcing the upcoming implementation of age verification systems (AVS) for our games.

Under the new legislation in France, we must enforce age verification measures to comply with legal requirements. As a result, French players will be the first to experience these changes.

We assure you that these age verification solutions are necessary and designed with your privacy in mind. We understand the importance of keeping your personal information secure and anonymous. Rest assured that our AVS solutions are free for players and prioritize your privacy above all else.

To ensure effectiveness and accessibility, we are collaborating closely with industry leaders like Nutaku and Tukif to explore various verification systems. We aim to propose solutions that are seamless, reliable, and convenient for you.

We don’t have a defined timeline for when the implementations of AVS will happen, but rest assured it will eventually.

Patch Notes Week #13





World 7 – Camp Cock

World Quest 9 “Can You Handle Her?”: 

“Do you tie them down while fucking them, Mistress?” 

Check out the latest adventure! 


Features is a cryptocurrency payment gateway, and there are several benefits from using it:

Greater Payment Flexibility:

You can use your cryptocurrency holdings to make in-game purchases, providing an additional payment option beyond traditional methods.

Enhanced Security and Privacy:

Cryptocurrency transactions offer increased privacy and security compared to traditional payment methods, protecting your financial information and personal data.

Global Accessibility:

Cryptocurrencies can be used by players worldwide, regardless of geographic location or currency restrictions, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all players.




  • From April Legendary Contest will have a new schedule
    • Day 1 : Champions, Energy and Vilains
    • Day 2 : Harem and Market
    • Day 3 : Night Club and $$$
    • Day 4 : Experience, Season and secondary Contest
  • Sultry Mysteries won’t include recruits from permanent features anymore, only from events 


Bug fixes


  • The character cards no longer overlaps with the text in Seasons 
  • The infinite loading in the hero personalization Backgrounds is fixed 
  • The visual issue happening when spam clicking on an active tab in the shop V2 is fixed 
  • The issue disabling the Grade 0 animation of a recruit when switching grades is fixed 
  • The visual issue when scrolling in Harem is fixed 
  • “Ends in” is no longer duplicated in the Season window 
  • The visual issue displaying the hero twice in the Seasons leaderboard is fixed
  • The element tooltip shows the correct text in the team selection menu
  • The issue of the game being cut off at the bottom on Nutaku is fixed
  • A small visual issue has been corrected in the team edition Menu (another container was visible behind the recruits’ selection container)
  • The scrolling issue when selecting a recruit variant in the Harem is fixed
  • The visual issue displaying a “Go Back” button behind the logo when playing a quest on Mobile is fixed
  • The visual issue with the opponents’ rewards in the Season is fixed 
  • The visual issue with the contest timer when claiming past contest rewards is fixed
  • The visual issue not updating the value of the Mega event currency when switching tabs is fixed 

N.B. We are releasing a webpack that will most likely slightly improve some of the game’s performance but might also break the scripts used by some of the players.

Patch Notes Week #12



There is no new release this week.

Patch Notes Week #11





World 7 – Camp Cock

World Quest 8 “Cum on My Dick”: 

“Because you’re going around fucking everyone to get to Kandi and everyone knows it.” 

Check out the latest adventure!



Janelle Fennec joins the Champions

Janelle Fennec


Great Night-club


Seductive Lianna Lawson, Businesswoman Ramona, Classy Minx Maven, Oh, Alina Wang, Icy Diamond, Slutty Crystal Thayer have joined the Great Night-club!



  • Remove nicescroll from the game – This should be barely visible change (except on Firefox which has now a solid color scrollbar)
  • Improvement of the tooltip behavior on Mobile


Bug fixes:

  • [TPSH NUTAKU] Prevent usage of parallel adventures – added code changes to prevent corner cases for switching to parallel adventures on universes where the feature should not be accessible and logging information when that case is hit
  • The visual issue making the Character’s card hide some text in Seasons is fixed 
  • The issue displaying the last unlocked pose of the characters in the Season window is solved 
  • The visual issue making the contest page refresh too early when claiming a recruit is fixed 
  • A visual issue impacting the Season window is fixed – Opening and closing the “get season pass” multiple times moved up the recruits in the widget
  • The visual issue showing the Club icons misaligned is fixed
  • The scrolling issue in the Pose preview window is fixed
  • The issue making displaying only the second hair/eye color in the Harem Bio is fixed 
  • A visual issue impacting the Top Ranking of the Mega event leaderboard is fixed 
  • Top ranking rewards icons overlapped with the current user ranking field
  • The visual issue impacting the Max Grade level up window is fixed 
  • [Leagues] The issue Boosting an opponent’s stats after the expiration of a booster is fixed 

Patch Notes Week #10



We’ve got some news to share regarding the game. We’ve decided to introduce ads in a few spots within the game. We want to assure you that this decision was made to ensure the game remains free to play for all, without increasing in-game prices.

By incorporating ads, we’re able to generate additional revenue that will be reinvested back into the game.

We understand ads might not be the most exciting addition, but they’re necessary for the game’s sustainability. We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to make the game even better for everyone.

The ads won’t be visible to players with Monthly cards, and the ads are only on .com, not on Nutaku.

Thank you for being part of our community!


There will be no downtime for the release this week.

Patch Notes Week #9





World 7 – Camp Cock

New Quest 7 “Figure It Out”:

“Let me tell you what. I’ll stand here naked for the next two days and you may come any time and actually take advantage of me.”

Check out the latest adventure! 

The release is moved to 29th of February.

Bug fixes:

  • When filters are changed in the harem, select the first girl from the new selection.
  • The issue preventing the Mega event currency from being displayed in the text “get from” is now visible in the event tab
  • The issue resetting the timer on 15 minutes on the champion page is fixed 
  • In the Hero Levels Rewards tab, all rewards are now aligned with the Claim button 
  • The issue preventing from checking the poses of a recruits’ variation is fixed.

Patch Notes Week #8



Bug fixes:

  • The visual issue showing the “Go Back” button behind the girl avatar in the Harem is fixed 
  • The issue preventing the “reset filter” button from resetting the pose filter is fixed 
  • Editing teams from the Harem page will no longer redirect to the homepage

Patch Notes Week #7



Bug fixes:

  • Harem: The visual issue that makes the shards tooltip visible in the Harem filter buttons is fixed 
  • Harem: The issue disabling the max level-up button after using the one-grade-up button is fixed 
  • The issue preventing team creation with less than 7 recruits is fixed 
  • The issue that used Kobans/Gold instead of orbs in the Pachinko in some specific cases has been fixed 

Bugs, included in the survey, that are fixed thus far:

  • Harem: koban/gold spending alert not triggering for upgrade affection with koban/gold or collect all with koban/gold
  • Harem: filter for shard count breaks if applied second, all other filters are ignored then
  • Harem: “How to get me” feature broken for upcoming revivals
  • Harem: mobile view Skill tab shows empty
  • Harem: showing future/test recruits without picture

Patch Notes Week #6



Q&A with Rosso

The founder and creator of all the Harem games – Rosso is taking the hot seat to answer all your burning questions about the game in English!

Join us on the 9th of February at 5:30 pm UTC+2 on Comix Harem’s Discord! All questions are welcome! The first topic will be Comix Harem, but we will answer also questions for all the games and future projects! You can leave your questions on TPSH’s Discord.

Bug Fixes Survey


Thank you all for the feedback! 

Fixing the bugs will be our top priority for the next weeks/months. 

The Trans Pornstar Harem mobile app is now available in the Nutaku app store.

Patch Notes Week #5



Event Calendar for February 


Bug fixes:

  • The issue with the max out button not accounting for the current affection of a recruit is fixed
  • The objective issue with the max grade is fixed
  • The full-screen option has been added back to .com games (we are working on the Nutaku versions)
  • The visual issue displaying the PoV and PoG characters in an affection grade pose is fixed 
  • The visual issue of not updating the count of Girls shards in the PoV and PoG is fixed
  • The visual issue making the girls overlap the bottom of the Lusty Race window is fixed 
  • Тhe BETA Logo is replaced with the regular logo


Bug Fixes Survey

The Kinkoid team is tirelessly working on bettering our games and fixing the known issues. To make sure we are not missing anything, and we are prioritizing right we need your help! Please fill out this survey!

Patch Notes Week #4



Due to unforeseen reasons, the weekly update will be a little bit late.



  • Harem loading optimization 
  • The upgrade and level-up of girls is sped up so you can upgrade more and quicker


Bug fixes:

  • The issue making the shop and the game break because of animations for IOS users is fixed 
  • The bug making the Restock market price cheaper than it should be with the Platinum/Diamond monthly card is fixed (the price was 18 Kobans instead of 21) 
  • The visual issue cropping the Girls Variants box in the Harem is now fixed  
  • The visual issue hiding the “Show poses and Scenes” in the event window is now fixed 
  • The visual issue impacting the Champions timer is fixed  
  • The issue impacting the skills calculation in multi-fights is fixed  
  • The visual issue displaying to pages in the event info button of Sultry Mysteries and Boss Bangs is now fixed  
  • The color of the objective window in the Double Penetration event is fixed  
  • The visual issue displaying two buttons for level up in the affection page is fixed  

Patch Notes Week #3




  • A new type of offers gathering Monthly Card, Season, and PoV pass.


  • The Night-Club will now feature a ”Play Again” button 
  • The balance of the Legendary Contest will be improved

Bug fixes:

  • The visual issue affecting the Mega pass is fixed
  • The visual bug impacting the Mythic equipment upgrade window is fixed 
  • The event resource icon displayed in the top ranking leaderboard is the now correct one

Patch Notes Week #2


Bug fixes:

  • [Nutaku] The issue of making the players able to pay several times for the Season/Hero pass has been fixed.

Patch Notes Week #1


The Kinkoid team wishes you a happy and kinky 2024!




World 7 – Camp Cock

New Quest 2 “Setting Your Dick In”:

“Just watch me, stretching my fuckable body.”

Check out the latest adventure! 



  • Now you can preview the poses of the girls. A preview of the affection scenes will be available soon.


  • The default hometown background is changed.
  • The Lusty Race balance has been changed as follows:
  • The tiers requirements are decreased by ~20%
  • Added Event Resource as a reward in the Pass
  • The girls are moved to be earlier in the Pass

Bug fixes:

  • The card style visual issues in the event widget are adjusted.
  • The mobile display issue for the Double Penetration event is fixed.
  • The mobile display issue for Max Out button is fixed.
  • The display issue for the club champion timer is fixed.
  • The visual issue when switching between stats and reward display on the league page is fixed. 
  • The positioning of text in draft pachinko is fixed.


Patch Notes Week #51




World 6 – Cum Cam

New Quest 12 “Top 0.1%”:

“Oh, you got on my radar pretty fast. And I couldn’t help but wonder what it’d be like if you were fucking me.”

A new world has been released! 


World 7 – Camp Cock

 Prepare yourself for a new adventure!

New Quest 1 “One of Us”:

“Years ago I came here too and now nobody can resist my juicy dick and everyone wants to facefuck me all the time.”


Bug fixes:

  • The card frame of the characters showing too large in the skills page is fixed 
  • The card frame of the characters showing too large in the PoV is fixed 
  • A small visual issue affecting the “Nothing to collect” button in the Harem is fixed 
  • A small visual issue in the Shop, making the offer tab go over the pay button is fixed 
  • The issue triggering the Daily missions tutorial for players who already had it is fixed 

From now on new quests will be added to the game every other week, instead of every week.


Patch Notes Week #50




World 6 – Cum Cam

New Quest 11 “Showstopper”:

“Damn, it’s like you haven’t been properly fucked in a while.”


  • More fluidity in the Harem navigation 

(Adding a loading screen if going from inventory to the Harem takes time)


Bug fixes:

  • The Auto select option is no longer selecting Mythic equipment when they are the only ones in the players’ inventory
  • “Go to villain” button is now disabled if the villain is not reached yet 
  • A visual issue affecting the girl preview when editing a team has been fixed

Patch Notes Week #49





World 6 – Cum Cam

New Quest 10 “Tip the Girl”:

“My fuck hole is thirsty for some of your strong thrusts and my mouth is craving your cum.”

Check out the latest Quest!

New Features Survey

Are you excited for the future of the game and what comes next?

Check our New Features Survey



  • Reduced Champions tickets prices 
    • For 1 ticket: Price decreased to 30 from 60 kobans; or 30 Energy from 60 
    • For 10 tickets: Price decreased to 270 from 570 kobans (10% discount)

Bug fixes:

  • A visual issue showing a wrong resell price in the market is fixed
  • An issue showing an error message when claiming the same reward twice in Boss Bang event has been fixed 


!There won’t be a Mega Event in January 2024.

Patch Notes Week #48





World 6 – Cum Cam

New Quest 9 “Come In”:

“Oh, trust me, baby, if your tunnel expands around my shaft I’m gonna fuck you very, very hard.”

Check out the latest Quest!




A new event is on the way!

Path of Virile is cumming to Trans Pornstar Harem!

The event starts on the 1st of December!

The brand new event Path of Virile will allow you to unlock more rewards and exclusive Stars by completing in-game goals for two periods of two weeks every month.

Participating in Path of Virile will bring you all sorts of rewards, by doing regular daily activities in the game! And most importantly get Stars by offering them Potions of Lust! We want you to be able to win more Stars and more extra-special rewards while also facing new challenges. The more competitive stallions can check their spot in the leaderboard as well.



  • Always count Night-Club free games in objectives. It used to be counted only when the player had orbs.
  • Seasonal events will now feature a special market.
    • 4 slots for revived Legendary 5 grades
    • The purchase will be made in Event cash, which you can get from the event’s rewards.
  • A timer and an info button are added in the event window for Boss Bang event


Bug fixes:

  • The wrong shards amount displayed in Places of Power is fixed. It is visible only for permanent PoP below level 10. 
  • The issue making players who have been inactive for a long time unable to pursue the adventure where they left it is now fixed.  
  • The size of the Season pass timer being too small when activated is fixed.  
  • The period deal notification being misplaced in languages other than English is fixed. 


Patch Notes Week #47





World 6 – Cum Cam

New Quest 8 “Dream Team”:

“But you know, I made her spray all her jizz between my tits and she was down for a collab.”

Check out the latest Quest!





Places Of Power are coming! 

More about them –  HERE.


Black Friday Promo


We all love a good deal. And the Haremverse has got you covered. Starting on the 21st and ending on the 26th of November, you can enjoy  20% Off Energy and fantastic Black Friday Bundles with more than 600% in value!

No need to fight, we have enough for everyone!


Cyber Monday Promo

We are going to start the next week strong with 20% off Energy and some extra juicy Bundles. The deals are up to 600% in value!!! Don’t miss them!

You can grab our fabulous deals from the 27th to the 28th of November and fulfill your shopping needs. 



  • A chest notification is added on the Home tab of the Mega events for eventual unclaimed rewards.

Bug fixes:

  • The player’s avatar now displayed in the Leagues is fixed.
  • Now you can validate the same e-mail in several games and still receive the validation reward.
  • The display of the domination scheme pop-up in IOS is fixed.
  • The chest notification for the contest not showing when a player has rewards to claim is fixed.  

Patch Notes Week #46





World 6 – Cum Cam

New Quest 7 “Angelic”:

“Or if you fuck me like that, you can just look up and see the hot view. I’ll even let you record it for your own use.”

Check out the latest Quest!




A new event is on the way!

Sultry Mysteries are cumming to Gay Pornstar Harem!

Read more here:



  • The players with a monthly card will not see ads in the game anymore (works for any MC and it doesn’t apply to the “Sex Friends” Partnership).


Bug fixes:

  • The Girl in the Seasonal event disappearing from the path after being claimed, and being replaced by another reward, is fixed.
  • The notification for available adventures, showing even when players have completed all quests is fixed.
  • The girl’s name not showing in the Harem’s tooltip, when the amount of shards is between 1 and 99, is fixed.
  • A rare issue of combat freezing, when the opponent uses the Stun skill, is fixed.
  • Some discrepancies in player/opponent stats are fixed.
  • A rare issue of a player receiving the Seasonal progression reward twice is fixed.
  • Players were showing in the Hot Assembly’s leaderboard but were not supposed to. It is fixed.
  • An issue reverting a change made in the Hero personalization page is fixed.

Patch Notes Week #45





World 6 – Cum Cam

New Quest 6 “Foxy”:

“I’ll find you there, too. Go to a dark corner and fall to my knees, stick out my tongue, and taste your pre-cum.”

Check out the latest Quest!



  • The 10x and 50x performances on the first troll for the new players are removed.


Bug fixes:

  • The info button that was blocked in the Sultry Mysteries is fixed.
  • The troll link in the Legendary Days widget is fixed.
  • The hearts icons overlapping shards amount in the Harem are fixed.
  • The wrong tab redirection to the shop when clicking on the Seasonal Event Paid card is fixed.
  • The font color for the Messenger rewards is fixed.
  • The replacement rewards (orbs) after claiming the League girl are fixed.
  • The push notifications are fixed.

Patch Notes Week #44





World 6 – Cum Cam

New Quest 5 “Curvy Cutie ”:

“Well, well. Let’s cut to the chase. Come and feel my tits, now!”

Check out the latest Quest!




  • A ”Back to adventure” button in the event widget for players below level 20 was added.


Bug fixes:


  • The visual problem with the Waifu display in Firefox was fixed.
  • The issue with the  Double Penetration pass, where progression was lost after switching devices,  was fixed.
  • The problem of no item count for mythic equipment in the reward slot was fixed.
  • The visual issue where Club champion results were not displayed was fixed.
  • The bug where the information button covered the time left in “Ends in” for Mythic Days events was fixed.
  • The visual misalignment in contests when there’s only one reward was fixed.
  • The visual problem of background characters being highlighted in the event carousel was fixed.
  • The visual issue where the Leagues challenges timer flickered between two different times was fixed.
  • The visual issue where the girl avatar overlapped the name of the event in the event widget was fixed.
  • The bug where the “Refill +1” option in leagues disabled the button was fixed.
  • The issue where the Monthly Card timer on the Home page became visible only after a refresh was fixed.

Patch Notes Week #43



World 6 – Cum Cam


New Quest 4: “Plus Pleasure ”:

“Well, I’m really counting on that. I know I’m hot as fuck and every guy will be stroking his dick to my ass…”

Check out the latest Quest!



  • Improvement of the Progressive Web App Install button
  • Improvement of Shop V2: Passes (Seasonal, Hero, Event) presentation
  • Hero Page Promotion text moved
  • Push notifications available after level 15


Bug fixes:

  • Offers recurring period now works as intended
  • Fix the bug where the Leagues rank in the Main Menu widget did not correspond to the Leagues rank
  • Fix the icon in Edit Team Synergy
  • Fix of the cropped numbers for gold rewards in Leagues


Just a reminder that the clocks will be set back one hour to standard time on Sunday, 29th of October, which will affect the daily events, so plan accordingly.


Patch Notes Week #42



World 6 – Cum Cam

New Quest 3: “Onegai Desu ”:

“Hot damn. Your dick is ready for hard fucking and by the looks of it, you want it really deep in your fuck hole.”

Check out the latest Quest!


 Bug fixes:

  • Add back the fullscreen option for mobile browsers
  • Fix reward notification on Contest tab
  • Fix broken animation when returning for pass payment page without purchasing
  • Fix free Night Club timers to be synced with mythic Night Club selection refresh
  • Fix edge cases where quest images were not loading on some iOs devices
  • Fix visual issue with claimed shards becoming orbs once the girl is won in Seasons
  • Fix daily missions tutorial correctly appearing (without refreshing the page)
  • Fix console error when clicking on a Seasons reward
  • Minor visual fix for tabs in the MC shop popup



  • News will now only appear after level 20
  • Update percentage on Hard Currency (gold) products when the first Hard Currency purchase bonus is active
  • PoV Objectives disabled for Double Penetration

Patch Notes Week #41


World 6 – Cum Cam

New Quest 2: “Girl Power ”

“I think I’ve seen this film before. Focus. This is Ava Holt. She’s hot as sin, fuckable, always ready and… perfect for your CumCam.”

Check out the latest Quest!


We are introducing a change to Daily Goals requirements. Common DG requirements will be decreased:

Defeat Villains (common) – required amount decreased from 5 to 3

Defeat Players in Seasons (common) – required amount decreased from 5 to 3

Defeat Players in Leagues (common) – required amount decreased from 4 to 3

Finish Daily Missions (common) – required amount decreased from 5 to 3

Spend Kobans (common) – required amount decreased from 5/30 to 3/18


Patch Notes Week #40




The first 12 Season Rewards have been improved (free and paid paths).





Improvement of Recruit equipment page:


It now includes a slot name on top of the list of equipment when a specific slot is selected. It changes when a new slot is selected.


Body Equipment slot is selected and Slot displays “My Inventory – Body”

The slot is changed and the text now displays “My inventory – Boots”

  • Improvement in Equipment Sorting filter: The sorting preference for each slot is saved.
  • PWA tutorial added for .com games


Bug fixes:

  • Fix the price of 3-month and 6-month MC packages (was displaying the price of a single month and should now display the full price).
  • Fix Pachinko timers for free games.
  • Various fixes for club sorting
  • Fix timer in PoA


Patch Notes Week #39


World 5 – Corporate Cock 

New Quest 10: “Fuck Your Bosses”


“We really don’t have that much time… Go and fuck her real good! Good luck, my Champion.”

Check out the latest Quest!



Patch Notes Week #38


World 5 – Corporate Cock 

Quest 9: Mistake

“What you’ve been doing, loca? I thought you forgot about me. I certainly didn’t forget your perfect cock pushing in my tight ass.”

Check out the latest Quest!



  • Give Mega Event rewards for all past cycles, including when/if a cycle was skipped.
  • Edited idle animations for static images to be more subtle.
  • Updated the event widget display and added carousel logic.



Patch Notes Week #37



World 5 – Corporate Cock  

Quest 8: Intern: “Put your dick in me like the pornstar you want to be, baby. I promise to be your number one fan.”

Check out the latest Quest!



Girl Skills (Tier V)


Tier 5 of Girl Skills is now available!


Check out Patch Notes Week #31 to learn more about tiers I to V.


Tier 5 has active skills: skills that can trigger in the fight.


  • The skills are: Stun, Shield, Reflect attack, Execute


  • The active skill can happen only if the girl is in the Middle position
    • This also means that only 1 active skill can be used by the player at a given moment
    • The skills trigger every turn at the end of the Hero damage step
    • Each skill can trigger only once per fight. In example:
      • You have 20% to trigger your Stun
        • 1st turn after you hit, it doesn’t trigger
        • 2nd turn after you hit, it doesn’t trigger
        • 3rd turn after you hit, it does trigger
        • 4th and later turns- it is already triggered


  • Stun the opponent for X turns
    • Skips the opponent’s turn
    • When the turn is skipped, the girl can’t attack or any skill can’t be used on this turn


  • Shield self for X% of Ego
    • Shield stays until it’s depleted
    • If an attack applies more damage than the shield – the overflow amount is taken from the ego


  • Reflect X% of the damage taken in the first 2 rounds
    • Triggers before the hit
    • If execute – calculate the damage up to 0 ego


  • !!Finish Him!! Execute the opponent, if they are under X% of their max Ego
    • Shield counts towards the 25% (100% value does not include the shield)
    • If the opponent has a reflect skill, it doesn’t save him from execution


  • Based on the girl’s Style (style is the combination of element and class) the skill will use a Named Attack (just like attacks in anime 💥)


The exact skills of each girl are defined based on the girl’s element.


Check out the new tier of the skills feature and be sure to share your feedback with us!




Clear team


A “Clear Team” button has been added following player and community feedback.


Players can now instantly clear created teams by clicking on the new button “Clear Team”.



Event bundles are now included in the “Special Offers” tab.



Patch Notes Week #36



World 5 – Corporate Cock 

Quest 7: Pizza Party


“Do you like it babe? Maybe jizz-in-your-pants likable before we even start?”

Check out the latest Quest!



Patch Notes Week #35



No big updates or content this week. We’ve tamed some bugs and made some improvements!


Patch Notes Week #34



World 5 Corporate Cock 🌟

Quest 5: Casual Friday: “Me and my friend Paris are actually very, very bored and we can show you what girls like us looove to do with their cocks.”

Check out the latest quest!



New fixes

  • Fix of Shop display





Our new Kinkoid game apps are 1 – a lot simpler to download 2 – a lot sexier to use 3 – available on a lot more devices.


💥 The new PWA apps for our games can be used on Desktop, Android and iOS! 💥


Check out our article to learn how to use it and experience a new version of the Kinkoid mobile gaming experience!


** Only on **




Patch Notes Week #33



World 5 Corporate Cock 🌟


Quest 4: Human Resources:

“Mmmm, let me take care of you then, baby. We’ll pretend there’s a camera here and you do whatever you want with that gorgeous dick.”

Check out the latest quest!


League improvements


  • A change team button has been added to the league menu.

  • The x15 button no longer disappears if the player has under 15 condoms available to use. Clicking the button with fewer than 15 condoms will prompt players to refill their condoms.





Our new Kinkoid game apps are 1 – a lot simpler to download 2 – a lot sexier to use 3 – available on a lot more devices.


💥 The new PWA apps for our games can be used on Desktop, Android and iOS! 💥


Check out our article to learn how to use it and experience a new version of the Kinkoid mobile gaming experience!


** Only on **



Patch Notes Week #32



World 5 – Corporate Cock  

New World Quest 3: Meetcute

“Oh, hi! Are you lost, kitten? I can show you around if you want. Or take you to a more… private place.”


Check out the latest Quest!




Some of you might know about the APKs we used for our games. They were intended to make the interface of some of your favourite Kinkoid games easier to use on mobile devices.


We’ve created a new system that is 1 – simpler to download 2 – sexier to use 3 – available on more devices.


💥 The new PWA apps for our games can be used on Desktop, Android, and iOS! 💥


** Only on **



Patch Notes Week #31



World 5 – Corporate Cock  

Quest 2: Corpocock

“Should we run a little test then? I’ll get naked and talk filthy to see if you won’t cum into my ass right away.”

Check out the latest Quest!




Girl Skills (Tier I to IV)


(This contains explanations of Tier 5 as more tiers are to come later as the feature goes through further development. Please note that tier 5 is not currently available.)


Different skills based on elements


Tiers of Skills are limited based on the upgraded grades and level of the girl:

  • Tier 1: Grade 1 upgraded, level 10.
  • Tier 2: Grade 2 upgraded, level 200.
  • Tier 3: Grade 3 upgraded, level 350.
  • Tier 4: Grade 4 upgraded, level 500.
  • Tier 5 (not yet available): Grade 5 upgraded, level 650.


Limited skill points per rarity


The Skills points that can be distributed are limited by rarity.


Skill branches


Big Nodes (Tiers)

– Each Tier needs to be unlocked by the girl having a particular level AND grade upgraded.

  • For girls with less grades, higher Tiers will be displayed but locked. 
  • For example, a 3-grade girl will have the 5 tiers displayed but the 4th and 5th will be always locked. Info will be available why they are locked.

– If the tier is locked, it is displayed as grayed out.

– The maximum Skill points in previous tiers need to be spent in order to unlock the next tier

– For example, Tier I requires 6 skill points, the player needs to spend 6 skill points in Tier I in order to unlock Tier II.


Small Nodes


  • Each skill has a maximum level.
    • When the max level is reached, disable the button to be gray and the text “Maxed” on it.

– Each skill level requires a light bulb (per rarity)

– For each Tier, there are maximum skill points to be distributed between the skills in the tier

  • For example, Tier I has 2 skills each with a max level of 5, and the maximum skill points for Tier I are 6. 
  • Player A can have each of the two skills at level 3.
  • Player B can have the first skill at level 1 and the second skill at level 5.


Tier 1

Income Surge

  • Node 1: Increase income flat value (X)
  • Node 2: Increase income percentage value (Y%)


Calculation: (base salary + flat increase) * (club bonus + girl bonus)


Tier 2

Stats Boost

  • Node 1: Increase main stat by X flat value
  • Node 2: Increase main stat by Y% percentage value
  • Node 3: Increase second and third stat by A flat value


Tier 3

Trait Bonus

  • One of Eye color / Hair color / Zodiac sign / SEX Position – % bonus for each girl with the same trait in the team.
    • Node 1: %Ego
    • Node 2: %Defense
    • Node 3: %Attack Damage

– Traits are always contextual, in example if we have a Dominatrix girl with blue eyes she will use Eye Color blue as a trait skill

– A match can be any of color 1 or color 2 for the matched girls

These bonuses stack between the girls with the same Trait

  • For example, if the player has two Dominatrix girls with Blue eyes, both girls take the bonus from each other. Maximum %Ego is developed on both girls so the total bonus is 1% times two girls in the team = 2% and this is true for both girls so the end bonus is 4% Ego.


Tier 4

Special Passives

  • These are always available and can stack if multiple girls from the team have them
    • Node 1: Increase the damage with each attack by X%
    • Node 2: Decrease opponent defense by X%


Skill bonuses calculation

  • Tier 1 skills affect the income and there is no effect in battle.
  • Tier 2 skills give stats directly, so they are applied on everything regarding girl stats like battle, Champions, PoP.
  • Percentage bonuses from all skills are Cumulative (all percentage battle bonuses are added together and applied at the end).


Skill level-up & Bulbs

Skill light bulbs are per girl rarity.

There are 5 new currencies – one for each rarity.


Common (for ‘common’ and ‘starting’ rarity girls)






– Common Skill light bulb can upgrade any skill with 1 level for any common or starting girl

– The current bulb amount of the rarity for the selected girl is displayed in her Skills tab

– Display in the backpack as a currency

– New category on the bottom: “Skill bulbs” to display all rarity bulbs

– 1 bulb= 1 level-up for any girl of the correct rarity


Skill Bulbs will be distributed in:

  • CC (Cumback Contests)
  • As additional reward
  • Based on the reward bracket – the higher the placement, the higher the bulb


– Daily Missions as a 3rd reward (with combination with Ymen/$)

– As additional reward

– Based on rarity, from Common to Legendary & Mythic bulbs with 5% chance to appear


  • Champions
    • Chance based to be given instead of the Ymen/$ on each fight
    • Smaller chance for lower rarities


– Seasons (From August Season)

– Tier 5 => 3 Common bulbs in the free and 5 in the paid path

– Great orbs x1 are removed

– Tier 14  => 3 Rare bulbs in the free and 5 in the paid path

– OrbMythic1game added to Tier 27

– Tier 25 => 3 Epic bulbs in the free and 5 in the paid path

– OrbGreat10games added to Tier 10

– Tier 34 => 6 Leg bulbs in the free and 10 in the paid path

– Tickets added to Tier 20

– Tier 52 => 3 Mythic bulbs in the free and 5 in the paid path

– OrbMythic1game added to Tier 40 [2 & 4 respectively]


(And more features when they’re released – Stay tuned for more info!)


Skill reset

Resets all girl skills and gives back the bulbs (for a particular girl). 

Cost: 5M Ymen/$ per bulb spent.


Check out the new feature and be sure to share your feedback with us!


Leagues Redesign

Leagues are getting a fresh new redesign with several improvements requested by the community!

Keep reading to learn more:




Results from each opponent

Instead of the current W (for Win) and L (for Loss), we’ve added numbers with the result obtained from each performance against the opponent.

Example: If your first performance against player X was a win and you got 23 points, you will be shown a green box with the number ‘23’ in it.


Initiating the performance

Starting a performance will now be available on the “versus” page, and not immediately.

There are two options:

Single performance – always does one performance vs the opponent

Multiple performances – does x3 or x2 – based on the remaining performances against the said opponent.

This is a free option in terms of kobans/golds. The only cost is the challenge currency.


Clicking anywhere on the line with the opponent or the Go button will lead to the versus page.

There is a back button here to go back to the Leagues page.


New stat: Power – the goal is to show more properly the strength of the player and compare it to other players. 

This stat displays only in Leagues (for now) and does not have any effect on the performance itself.

Power = Ego + (Attack + Defense)*7.5 + Harmony*0.625

The auto fight will use the Power as a new targeting method

Until now, targeted players were the players from the lowest to the highest level.

From now on, targeted players will be from the lowest to the highest Power instead.

Girl mode VS Stats mode

An icon that will display the girls’ team information for the player and the opponents (on click).

To access stats mode, click on this button


To access girls mode, click on this button


This is the synergy and team bonuses pop-up that already exists.


It includes the final values of the four main stats (Attack, Ego, Defense, Harmony) and displays active boosters for the player and the opponents (only the boosters that affect the Leagues, not all boosters).

The maximum number for the player will be 5:  4 regular boosters, and 1 mythic which relates to the leagues (either AME or LME)

The maximum number for opponents will be 4: 4 regular boosters, there are no mythic boosters that affect the defense


The refill will happen with the regular (+) button that is used on other energies instead of the current button.




Seasonal Event Visual Improvement 🔥


The sizing and positions of Seasonal Event characters/buttons have been modified in the event. This change has been made to improve the visuals of the event.






Patch Notes Week #30

26. 07. 2023

🍆💋 World 4 – Hotel Cockifornia 💋🍆

Quest 9: Seal the Deal

“Your tongue-fuck game is so hot. Can’t wait to take your cock all the way and show you how much I’ve been fantasizing about it.”

⭐ A new world has been released! ⭐

💋 World 5 – Corporate Cock  💋

Are you ready for the next big chapter of your epic adventure? The corporate world is a lovely place with many lovely faces to fill with baby gravy.

New World Quest 1: Broke but Hot “Listen to me. Go there and get the actual job done, but you’ll meet somebody there that is crucial for your career.”

Check out the latest Quests and the New World!


Epic Night Club

Bubbles is in the Epic Night Club!



Cum find Natassia Dreams in the Epic Night Club!

Natassia Dreams


Patch Notes Week #29

19. 07. 2023


🍆💋 World 4 – Hotel Cockifornia 💋🍆

New World Quest 8: Groupie Love

“The tightest ass among the groupies. And she’s a real fan… To get to her, you must show me you’re a real fan, too.”

Check out the latest Quest!

Recruit Equipment Improvements


Following feedback from the community after the release of the new Recruit Equipment, our Game Designers rolled up their sleeves (🥵!!) and got to implementing improvements to upgrade the recruit equipment feature and enhance your gameplay! 💪😉


🍑 Keep reading to learn more about the new changes and improvements you can expect to see with this update:


Equipment Pachinko/Night Club


  • Hero Equipment has been removed from the Equipment Pachinko/Night Club so it remains exclusive to recruit equipment.


  • The current x1 option now gives x2 recruit equipment (2 items instead of 1 and 1-game-orb becomes 2-games-orb)
    • 1st item will be either Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary recruit equipment
    • 2nd item will be Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Mythic recruit equipment



    • 1-game option using Ymen is added
      • Price: 75,000 Ymen per level
        • Lvl 100 => 7,500,000 Ymen
        • LvL 500 => 37,500,000 Ymen
        • LvL 1000 => 75,000,000 Ymen
    • One free game every day is added (like Great Pachinko/Night Club)
  • x10 games option for 75/450 Kobans that guarantees a Legendary Recruit Equipment has been added 
    • Objectives and Contests:
      • Use Pachinko Orbs” – the new orbs should count here along all other orbs
  • Added to Contests #14, #17
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x2 game) – 1620
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x1 game) – 1500
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x10 game) – 8100
  • Added to PoV #6 (Pachinko)
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x2 game) – 42
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x1 game) – 40
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x10 game) – 210
  • Others = 1 point
  • Equipment Pachinko/Night Club is now displayed before the Great Pachinko/Night Club on the Pachinko/Night Club screen

Recruit Leveler page to include Equip/Unequip all + Favorite position


The favorite position of the recruit is displayed in the top left corner next to the class so the player can easily check their resonance bonuses.

Automatic options to Equip all/Unequip all have been added to the recruit leveler page.

Icon improvement


The Recruit Equipment icon has been updated to better fit with the styles of the games.

They now also display an icon in the top right corner of the item image to be more distinguishable as recruit equipment.

Check out the new improvements and share your feedback with us on our Discord!

Patch Notes Week #28



🍆💋 World 4 – Hotel Cockifornia 💋🍆

New World Quest 7: Tune In… and Out

“I’m looking for one of Natalie’s groupies, Itzel… Do you happen to know her? Great boobs and a dick to die for.”

Check out the latest Quest!


Mythic books and gifts are added to the market!

Hero lvl 1000 balance adjustments

Great Night Club

The cost of a great pachinko roll has been capped to the max cost of level 500.

Temporary PoP

As the power needed and the rewards depend on the PoP level, the max PoP level is now capped at level 15.

Patch Notes Week #27




🍆💋 World 4 – Hotel Cockifornia 💋🍆

New World Quest 6: A Tip from the Maid

“Oh, yeah! I struck a deal with the housekeeper – she’ll tell me all she knows about Itzel and I’ll let her ride my dick.”

Check out the latest Quest!


Patch Notes Week #26

28. 06. 2023


🍆💋 World 4 – Hotel Cockifornia 💋🍆

New World Quest 5: A Tip for the Maid

“Trust me, baby, many dicks have been between these cheeks and when that happens, people are willing to talk… a lot.”


Check out the latest Quest!




Hero Level 1000 and Leveling Rewards 💝

Aaaah, hero! So strong, so powerful and so… maxed out at level 500! 👀

Well, guess what we’ve been cooking up for you to reach unprecedented levels of sexual power:

Player Level Cap 1 000!

Not only can you now unlock more levels to help you on your journey, but you’ll also be unlocking rewards to celebrate your leveling milestones! 🥳🎉

Example of Leveling Path:

Now, every 20 levels, you’ll get free rewards to celebrate your leveling up and progress!

The rewards can be accessed by clicking the XP bar next to the player avatar. There is no expiry date on the levels or rewards in the Hero level rewards. You can unlock and claim them at any time.

For those of you who want even more rewards and to celebrate some more, we’re releasing the “Hero Pass”.

An icon is displayed on your Hero XP when rewards are available!


XP leveling after level 500

Reached level 500?

The journey changes from here! Player XP level requirements will no longer be as exponential as they were to reach level 500.


To reach level 500, players need 270,538XP (total: 27,388,485).

To reach level 501, players need 270,982XP (total: 27,659,467).

To reach level 502, players need 271,428XP (total: 27,930,895).

To reach level 503, players need 271,874XP (total: 28,202,769).

To reach level 504, players need 272,321XP (total: 28,475,090).

To reach level 505, players need 272,768XP total: 28,747,858).


What is the Hero Pass and where can I find it? 🤩

Unlocking the Hero Pass will allow players to receive the rewards from the second part of the leveling reward path.

The Hero pass can be purchased from the “Passes” Section in the shop.

Note: The “Season Pass” tab will now be renamed to Passes, see image below: 👇

The Hero Pass will be available from level 20 (which is also when players will unlock their first leveling reward).

👇 Example of both Leveling Paths unlocked through Hero Pass:

Player stat points

Players will now also get a new opportunity to raise their stat levels: Every level gives the opportunity to buy 30 stat points for each stat.


Equipment stats points and price

The price, equipment stats, and sell value will remain unchanged and calculated for level 500 if the player has reached level 500 or higher.

🔥 It’s time to double down and level up!! 🔥



⚡ Mythic Boosters ⚡

Until now, players could simultaneously equip 3 normal (non-mythic) boosters and 3 mythic boosters!

You can now simultaneously equip 4 normal boosters and 5 mythic boosters 💥

And now that you can equip more boosters, you’ll need more awesome community-requested mythic boosters to fill those slots!

Reminder: Mythic Boosters start appearing in the market when the player reaches level 200+.

  • Leagues Mastery Emblem: Get +15% Impact when attacking in Leagues for the next 110 performances.

Price: 450 gold

Cannot be combined with AME. If one of them is equipped, the other cannot be equipped until the first one is depleted.


  • Seasons Mastery Emblem: Get +15% Impact when attacking in Seasons for the next 110 performances.

Price: 450 gold

Cannot be combined with AME. If one of them is equipped, the other cannot be equipped until the first one is depleted.


  • Gem Detector: Get +25% more Gems from all sources, up to 500 bonus gems. 

Price: 450 gold

Count each of the gems inside “All Gems” as single usages – 1 All Gem usage will take 8 usages from the booster.

Only deplete usages in multiples of 8: Booster has 10 remaining usages – will receive 1 extra “All gems” and the other 2 usages will not be taken

This means that if 6 gems are left for example, the booster should be depleted on a singular gem source in the game (DM, Pachinko, Villains, etc.)


  • Banger: Regain 15% of the Ego lost at the end of Boss Bang performances for the next 100 performances.

Calculated at the end of the battle. For example: if the player would lose 100% of Ego, they lose 85% Ego.

If the player loses 0% Ego, no charges will be spent. But if they lose even 1 Ego, it will be applied.

Price: 450 gold

  • Shiny Aura: Get +25% more points in Contests, up to 100,000 bonus points.

This applies to all contests being normal, legendary, or cumback.

Price: 450 gold




Patch Notes Week #25

20. 06. 2023


🍆💋 World 4 – Hotel Cockifornia 💋🍆

New World Quest 4: Girls on Film: “Mmmmm, and the chorus is sooo catchy, I want to get in the TV and eat her fuck hole till she cums on the sofa.”

Check out the latest Quest!




Patch Notes Week #24

14. 06. 2023

🍆💋 World 4 – Hotel Cockifornia 💋🍆

New World Quest 3: Girls just wanna have fun: “My dick is already hard for your mouth, Miss Jade. Can I taste your Cherry Pie now?”

Check out the latest Quest!



⏳ Reduced timers ⏳

Daily Missions

– DM Common: no change (1 min)

– DM Rare: changed from 5 min to 3 min

– DM Epic: changed from 10 min to 7 min

– DM Legendary: changed from 15 min to 10 min

– Classic event DM: currently they vary between 3 to 8 hours  👉 changed to always 4 hours

– Orgy Days event DM: no change (always 5 min)



Places of Power

– Minimum timer changed from 7h to 6h (-14%)



Mythic Night Club

 Mythic Night Club pool has been updated



Patch Notes Week #23

07. 06. 2023


🍆💋 World 4 – Hotel Cockifornia 💋🍆

New World Quest 2: Fat Bottomed Girls: “Now I wanna know what’s the difference between a rockstar and a pornstar!”



💝 Shop V2 💝


Get ready for the remodeled shop with more special offers and an improved interface! The choice is all in your hands to tailor your sexperience 💋


Revamped, improved, and easier to navigate, with more offers and freebies for everyone – keep reading to learn about Shop V2.  


💥 Categories 💥

There are several categories and some of them have sub-tabs. The full structure is the following:

  • Starter Offers (will no longer be displayed when the “Starter Offer” is purchased and the “First Purchase Gift” is claimed)
  • Event Bundles
    • Sub-tabs per event (including one for Seasonal event)
  • Special Offers
  • Period Deals
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Monthly Cards
    • One sub-tab per card
      • Seasonal Premium (only when Seasonal event is running)
      • Silver
      • Gold
      • Platinum
      • Diamond
  • Koban Packs (HH&GH) / Gold Packs (for PSH and CxH)
  • Season Pass
  • Custom Bundles


Note that: There will be no Armor sets in any section or any bundle.



💜 Event bundles category 💜


Example of sub-tab in Event bundles category:


Sub-tabs are displayed only if there is an active bundle from the specific event(s).


Bundles should hold from 1 up to 6 rewards.


The link from the Seasonal Event menu should lead directly to the sub-tab for Seasonal event bundles.


🥵 Special Offers Category 🥵


Wil be included in Special Offers, the special bundles that do not fall into other categories such as World Bundles”.


Bundles should hold from 1 up to 6 rewards and each have their own name.


🍌 Period deals Category 🍌


Example of sub-tab in Period deals



Each Period Deal is only available for a specific amount of time based on the type.


  • Daily
    • Duration: 24 hours
    • Start and end: Update hour every day, update hour
    • New bundle type: Daily Deal
  • Weekly
    • Duration: 1 week (168 hours)
    • Start and end: Update hour every Monday, update hour
    • New bundle type: Weekly Deal
  • Monthly
    • Duration: 30 days (720 hours)
    • Start and end: Update hour every 1st of the Month, update hour
    • New bundle type: Monthly Deal


Deals hold up exactly 2 rewards each every time.


💝 There is one free deal per type every time a new period starts. 💝


The free Period deals now replace the Daily Rewards feature.


A common timer (to when the offers expire) for each type of period deal is displayed on the screen.


🍑 Monthly Cards Category 🍑


Each Monthly Card now has its own sub-tab explaining the details of the Monthly Card. Learn more about Monthly Cards in this article.


When SE is active, the link from the Seasonal Event menu for the Seasonal Event Premium Card will lead directly to this sub-tab.


✨ Options for MC Purchase ✨


You will now be able to choose from several different options to Purchase an MC.


All options will be a single payment. The more months you purchase in one go, the greater the discount!


You can choose between 1 month period, 3 month period, and 6 month period.


Note that the 6-month option will be selected by default.

💰 Koban/Gold Packs 💰 


Each pack has its own name and displays the price and the percentage of bonus kobans.

😈 Season Pass 😈


The page to purchase Season Pass got a hot visual improvement! The available season recruits are now visible from the Season Pass purchase page. 🔥

💗 Custom Bundles 💗


Custom Bundles can now be found here.


Reminder on how Custom Bundles work:


Custom bundles can be created once per 30 days (from the last purchase time of a custom bundle).


A timer will display the time left until the next Custom bundle purchase becomes available.


The bundle contains three different rewards of the same value.


Check out the newly improved Shop, the new bundles and offers, and the new free rewards! We hope to read your feedback on our Discord!



Seasonal Event Equipment Orbs Improvement


More opportunities to earn Equipment Orbs will be added to Seasonal Event Reward Tiers:


Tier 5 – Kisses added to Tier 1 – added 1 Equip Orb

Tier 30 – Tickets added to Tier 14 – added 2 Equip Orbs

Tier 51 – Energy added to Tier 36 – added 3 Equip Orbs

Tier 58 – Combativity added to Tier 40 – added 4 Equip Orbs

Tier 85 – Spellbooks added to Tier 67 – added 5 Equip Orbs




Patch Notes Week #22

31. 05. 2023

World 3 Dream Town 🌟

Quest 9: Fuck to Forgive: “It seems pretty simple. Go meet with her to beg for her forgiveness… Maybe on your knees… With your mouth around her cock.”


Quest 10: Dream Date: “Aren’t you a charmer? You absolutely deserve me squeezing your dick with my ass.”


⭐ A new world has been released! ⭐


🍆💋 World 4 – Hotel Cockifornia 💋🍆


Prepare your man meat for your dream manic pixie dick girl!


New World Quest 1: Road to Nowhere: “I guess the cat is out of the bag… and by “cat” I do mean my cock, ha-ha-ha!”

Check out the latest Quests and the New World!




Patch Notes Week #21

25. 05. 2023

New Feature – Recruit Equipment & Resonance 

Recruit Equipment & Resonance is now live! You can read more about it here. We will be releasing a survey on further improvements to the feature based on player suggestions & feedback very soon. 


World 3 Dream Town 🌟

Quest 7: Domestic Domme: “ I kept thinking about your cum on my face and decided I want more.”


Quest 8: Jealous Jack Off: “She loves her fans and she is so impressed by your dedication to find her that she wants to give you a private show, and maybe something more…”

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Patch Notes Week #20

17. 05. 2023


World 3 Dream Town 🌟

Quest 5: Fitness Flirt: “I’m a personal trainer and I often take on hopeless cases like you… Now, if you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”



Quest 6: Dick Next Door: “I’m trying to be nice. If you sprinkle this sugar all over your cock, I might actually lick it.”

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